ActiveBharat creations (Registered by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India ) is a sports marketing, media and event management company. We are based in Delhi NCR. Active Bharat has built up a powerful sports- and business networks that stretches across the globe. Our clients and partners play a pivotal role. Their needs and desires are our number one priority. We aim to create awareness for sport in an inspiring and spectacular way. It's how we try to motivate the world to be part of a more healthy and sports-loving society.

Active Bharat vision and passion
1. Our vision is to bring the world together through sports
2. Our passion for sport is the heart of our business

Sport unites people from different parts of the world despite the geographic, political, linguistic, religious, economic and cultural differences. Sport fans from across the globe are equally unique in their exuberance, enthusiasm and loyalty to their favorite players. We share this passionate love for sport with our fans. That's why our activities always aim to bring people together through sports. Our passion for sport is the heart of our business. Our role is to maximize the opportunities created by sports assets, generating true value and returns for everyone involved. Contact us if you want to see how some of our partners and clients are successfully using our sport methods to achieve their goals and grow their market share