Our team provides expertise in various fields of consultancy. Through understanding the objectives of our clients, we create strategic marketing solutions in order to deliver unique and innovative approaches. Our activities cover marketing support on a global basis and worldwide expertise.

Active Bharat   is a trusted advisor. Our knowledge and insight help clients maximize the value of their investments in sport. We help in assessing the potential outcomes of various sponsorship and marketing opportunities by putting a strong emphasis on our clients' business objectives

We have a proven track record of delivering consultancy and strategic support to leading brands. We offer the following services: Research; Auditing; Evaluation; Strategy Development; Rights Negotiation & Measurement. We provide insights around the need to maximize the return on assets and fulfill our clients' business objectives. . Our sport consulting can ensure professional strategic analysis and advice.agraph here.


Event management is the process of assembling the business logic into a variety of events. In essence, it is the coordination, planning and running of teams, individuals and features in order to create an event that is really one of a kind.

We have a proven track record of delivering bespoke events & hospitality for leading brands. Large or small; our events team has the experience to cater to your every need. That is including: Programme Development; Hospitality & Ticketing Programmes; Branded Guest Experiences; PR & Media Events; Employee & Incentive Programmes; Roadshows & Travelling Events; Sporting & Celebrity Speaker; Conferences; Golf Days; Measurement & Evaluation.

Active Bharat manages numerous major sport events. We offer brands and companies who aim at growth and seek to impact their market share access to the world's largest consumer markets.


Sport marketing uses sports in any form to help sell products and services. It is a mixture of skills associated with advertising for sport products/services within the context of an organization where the main product/service is directly related to sport. World Sport Company is very passionate about sport and its numerous advantages. Sport brings joy, rewards and makes people feel better about themselves. We are passionate about the joy sport brings and the rewards which sport provides. Our main goal is to give our customers the highest possible quality experience.

Sport marketing campaigns at Active Bharat 

We have successfully developed sport marketing campaigns on behalf of leading brands. Our offering includes but is not limited to: Sponsorship Micro sites; Social Media; Mobile; SEO; Programme Development; Research & Evaluation. We are engaged in providing the highest quality service to our clients and partners.

Active Bharat is solely driven by the genuine passion for sport. Inspired by our shared interests, we work together with our partners in order to establish unique and unforgettable campaigns around the world. Sport Marketing allows businesses to align themselves with a team and a particular sport. We emotionalize brands through the positive emotion sport brings. We strongly believe in the spirit of sport!


Public Relations represent the activities related to creating, sharing and communicating the brand, gaining reputation and fostering the brand's recognition.
Our public relations service is unique and innovative. We believe in the power of media. We provide creative, professional and strategic media management service in order to help building up and protecting image reputation. Our broad scope of activities revolves around image protection, profile building, sponsorship and targeted publicity. We have successfully delivered award winning innovative and effective PR campaigns across Sports, Consumer and Lifestyle media. Our dedicated team provides PR & Media Relations expertise through Communications Strategy, Ambassadors, Media Relations, Media Monitoring, News Generation, Crisis management, Press Office, Campaign Management & Digital PR.

PR & Media Relations
Media Monitoring
Targeted Publicity
Image protection and profile building
News Generation
Crisis Management
Campaign Management and Digital PR
Press Office


More and more companies and brands are successfully using the power of sport to reach and interact with millions of passionate fans across the region. Unlike traditional marketing, sports sponsorship enables brands to touch the hearts and minds of consumers across the entire world. Effective sponsorship programs transfer the passion of sport into the sponsoring brands’, giving the brands and their products a relevance and connection to consumers that is otherwise not always present. Brands seek to restore trust, build accountability and create consumer engagement, so the demand to invest in social sponsorship is growing.

We are leading the way in pioneering Social Sponsorship as an effective marketing tool. We do this primarily through: Research & Insight, Thought Leadership, Strategy Development, Social Brand Partnerships, Content Creation, Education, Sustainability, Community, Healthy Lifestyle and Grass Roots. Effective sponsorship programs transfer the passion for sport into the sponsoring brands. Through sport, multinational corporations and brands are successfully building their businesses and growing their market share in different regions.

Active Bharat manages many major sports and their most popular events. We offer brands and companies, who are targeting growth and seeking to impact their share, access to the world’s largest consumer markets. To learn more about our sponsorship programs as well as television and digital content, please contact us.

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Media management is seen as a business administration discipline that identifies and describes strategic and operational phenomena and problems in the leadership of mediaenterprises. Media management contains the functions strategic management, procurement management, production management, organizational management and marketing of media enterprises.